The 60 theses defended under the direction of Pierre Tap (assisted by several teachers of his Laboratory and his team)

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About the theses

Of course, scientific publications are essential to advance the themes of a laboratory and its teams, but research training and thesis supervision are also essential to advance and guide future researchers. I have ‘directed’ and completed 60 theses in 33 years (1979-2012). One may be surprised by this enormous number! But it is the teamwork that has constantly allowed us to open up to diversity and to facilitate expansion without losing sight of the objective: to analyse how personalisation and socialisation are reciprocally (and paradoxically) constructed, from childhood to old age, in various environments and cultures.

« Who embraces too much, embraces badly? I would answer, like Camus, « I prefer the all-embracing embrace, even if science obliges us to tighten our attention on some fragment of the puzzle »!

List of the 60 theses defended under the direction of Pierre Tap
(and accompanied by several teachers from his team)

1979 Christiane Le Camus
1980 Raymond Koudou Kessié
1983 Abdelhak Serhane
1983 Kacem Kerbel
1986 Alain Savet
1986 Maria de Fatima Souza Santos
1986 Myriam de Leonardis
1986 Odette Lescarret
1986 Raphaël Essienne
1987 Abdelaziz Kailani
1987 Françoise Bousquet
1987 Maria Teresa Pi-Sunyer Peyri
1987 Patricia Derribere
1987 Raymond Fourasté (State thesis)
1988 Claude Collado
1988 Françoise Schoenacker
1988 Marie-Paule Tassi – Rabbe
1989 Abdelhak Serhane (State thesis)
1989 Claudie Carayon
1989 Marie-Claude Giraudel-Michas
1989 Odile Reveyrand-Coulon (State thesis)
1989 Serge Vallon
1990 Diana Diaz
1990 Neide Pereira Nobrega
1991 Raymond Koudou Kessié (State thesis)
1992 Carole Philip-Asdih
1992 Claire Safont (Mottay)
1992 Hélène Rouré
1992 Nathalie-Oubrayrie Roussel
1993 Maria de Lourdes Venancio de Vasconcelos
1994 Eva Louvet-Schmauss
1994 Huguette Rouvière
1994 Marie-Christine Albaret Dall-Ava
1995 Anne-Marie Costalat-Founeau (State thesis)
1995 Mohamed Mjouti
1996 Christine Bouissou
1996 Florence Sordes-Ader
1996 Slah Eddine Ben Fadhel
1997 Sylvie Esparbès-Pistre
1999 Alicia Lamia
1999 Anne-Marie Cadars-Pronost (Fondation de France Prize)
1999 Laurencine Piquemal Vieu
1999 Patricia Vigne
2000 Jamel Zugueib Neto
2000 Lisiane Guitard
2001 Aubeline Vinay
2001 Gwenaëlle Levêque
2001 Jean-Robert Pelissié
2001 Maria Isabel Geraldi Pizzato Stephenson
2001 Maria Odete Nunes
2001 Nayla Nahas
2002 Ana Bela Mendes
2002 Marjorie Poussin
2003 Maria Neves Parada Alves
2003 Serge Lacoste
2003 Silvia Nennig Castanheira
2005 Alexandra Latron Gorsse
2006 Pauline Dalmon
2008 Elisa Vicente
2012 Samuel Antunes

In the IDREF list of thesis titles some of the references are doubled when the document is in both paper and film or digital form :